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We supply and install top quality UK made walk in baths. We are a family run company offering good service and great prices. The walk in baths that we supply and install are manufactured by Gainsborough who are now the largest manufacturer of walk in baths in Europe. Premier walk in baths are also manufactured by Gainsborough, so you can buy Premier quality baths from us but at a better price. Whether you choose a walk in bath or walk in shower you will not regret purchasing from us and using are highly experienced installers.


All our walk in baths come with thermostatic mixing valves as standard to prevent bathers being scalded by hot water.


With our walk in baths, doors can be inward or outward opening, left or right. Which ever door is used they all come with a lifetime warranty on the door seal.


Other options available are air spa jets, shower canopy and booster cushions.

Installation of walk in baths


What ever shape or size bathroom you have, we will have a solution for your bathing requirements.


Installation of our walk in baths is usually done in one day by our own plumbers. We remove your old bath or shower and take all rubbish away. We also make good any decoration or tiling that has been disturbed. Our plumbers will lay dust sheets from your front door right through to the bathroom to make sure that your house stays clean during installation of your walk in bath. We also have public liability insurance for 5 million pounds when working in a customers property.


If you would like a quote from our company then please contact us on the email address below and we will arrange to visit your property to carry out a survey.


We are based in Worcestershire, but we install walk in baths all over the country.



Walk In Showers


Walk in baths are not always suitable for everyone. Some people will prefer to have a shower instead of a bath. Walk in shower also has a couple of other advantages over walk in baths. Many houses these days are fitted with combi boilers which have a very limited flow rate of hot water. This means that it can take a long time to fill a bath and as it is a walk in bath the person bathing will be sitting in the bath waiting for it to fill. Also with a walk in bath, once bathing has finished and the plug is pulled, the person bathing will have to sit in the bath and wait for the water to drain out before they can open the door to leave. These points may not be an issue to most people, but it is still something to take into consideration when trying to decide between walk in baths or walk in showers.


Over the past couple of years we have noticed that we are installing more walk in showers than we ever used to, but still find that we install a lot more walk in baths as these are still by far the most popular choice.


Both the walk in baths and the walk in showers can be installed by our experienced fitters in around 1 day from start to finish in most cases.


Other Plumbing And Heating Work


We are Gas Safe registered heating engineers so we can also carry out other plumbing and heating work if required. If your boiler is old and inefficient then we can replace this with a new high efficiency condensing boiler. This can save you money on your heating bills and the boilers that we fit are of good quality with 5 years manufacturers warranty on them. Having a new boiler can give peace of mind knowing that you have no worries or costs for the next 5 years. As well as boiler upgrades, sometimes the heating system its self can be inefficient and this can be improved by adding new controls to bring things up to today's modern standards.


While we are at your property installing your walk in bath or shower we will be able to carry out any other plumbing jobs that you may find for us, big or small ! As our installers are fully trained plumbers and heating engineers any extra work is not a problem.


Service And Repairs


As well as installing walk in baths and walk in showers, we also carry out service and repair work on all our products as well as other manufacturers. A lot of companies who only install bathing equipment are loathed to come back to sort out any problems in the future as this is not the sort of work that they carry out. They are only interested in installing the walk baths or showers and then moving on to the next job. As we are fully trained on service and repair work we are always on hand to drop in to make repairs or service any equipment where required.


Areas Covered


We are based in Malvern Worcestershire and carry out a lot of our work in this are. We also carry out a lot of work in the surrounding counties of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. These areas are where most of our work is but we do have many customers from all over the UK. Due to us being located in Worcestershire, we are very close to the M5 motorway which then gives as good access to most of the UK in reasonable time.

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